Your Questions About Wiry Hair and Mineral Deficiency

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Donna asks…

I just developed wiry (not grey) hair on the top of my scalp. Could it be from stress?

Although i have a hypothyroid i don’t think it is at all related to that since it’s under control. It’s also not that my hair is in need of a treatment since the rest of it is fine. The hairs are not grey (i’ve gotten grey hair before with the same texture as this) and they are able to be colored (tried that too).  It just came on a few weeks ago and it’s not letting up. I’m only 32. is there a mineral deficiency or could this be from stress? Thanks for your help!

Joy answers:

Hypothyroidism can cause brittle hair/wiry hair so it might be linked to your condition. Even if it is under control it may take some time for your system to settle down if you have been newly diagnosed and are new on your treatment. Have you had recent tests to see if your current treatment regime is working well for you?

Stress could play a role. If you feel you have more than normal stress then consider a B Complex B Vitamin supplement as this is the anti-stress vitamin. Also consider taking Magnesium as this is the anti-stress mineral. Magnesium is best taken in combination with calcium as they are required in the right proportion. Hair Analysis will help you check that they are in the right balance in your body.

I think coconut oil could help with the wiriness. If you massage it all over the hair and scalp and leave on for 2 hours and then wash off with 2 or 3 washes and condition as normal this will soften your hair nicely. It is a great treatment for softening the hair.

If you are worried about mineral deficiencies or imbalances, it’s a good idea to have a hair mineral analysis test.

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