Buy Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis

Ready to buy a hair mineral analysis test? You’re in the right place.

Wherever you are in the world I can provide my Hair Mineral Analysis testing services all to clients world-wide, so long as you can send me a hair sample in the UK. Although most of my clients are in Europe, I have worked with clients as far afield as New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Order Hair Mineral Analysis

  • The total cost is £55 (less any deposit already paid) – please note this is pounds sterling, not dollars :-)
  • You can order online at
  • I can take payment in one of two ways, either:
    • UK payment, please send me a cheque, postal orders or bank transfer (full instructions in free ebook).
    • Elsewhere, please pay by PayPal (see sidebar at right)
  • UK reports are posted, elsewhere, your report will be delivered by email.
  • Visit this link for full information on how to order Hair Mineral Analysis. If you are paying by PayPal there is a button in the right hand side-bar.
From: Joy Healey

Joy HealeyHello, Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you know that much ill-health occurs as a result of mineral imbalances?  Mineral Therapy can help improve your health. To learn more about minerals for health in my free ebook click here.