My Top 7 Vital Nutritional Minerals for Health

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My top 7 vital nutritional minerals for health will almost certainly be different from your list, in fact it’s really impossible to pin it down to 7.

The body needs at least 60 minerals for so many, many functions you’d be here all day looking at the list (below).

To read in greater depth about MANY MORE Minerals than 7, download my free ebook here. (Will open in a new window.)

To be fully effective, the mineral supplements you choose also be in the correct form – which is plant-based. To learn more about the quantity and quality of nutritional minerals you can watch a short video here > nutritional mineral supplements. It will explain why the correct form is so essential

Whatever your top 7 vital minerals are, it’s also really important that they are in the correct balance with each other.  For instance, did you know that most of my clients are amazed to discover that they have excess calcium and insufficient magnesium? And that’s usually just one of the imbalances they find.

Here’s a free ebook where you can learn more about preventing mineral imbalances.

In the meantime, here’s my top 7 vital minerals for health (with articles to follow explaining each).

Do you agree? Are you surprised by my choice? Which have I missed?

Click below to learn more about specific nutritional minerals.

PS Don’t leave without collecting your free ebook that explains all about how Mineral Therapy uses Hair Mineral Analysis to unlock the secrets of health hidden in your hair.

Hair Mineral Analysis eBook

Free info on Hair Analysis

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A fully qualified nutritionist since 2000, I prefer to use Hair Mineral Analysis to assess my clients' health needs because it is an objective, scientifically validated method that is tailored to each client's current bodily state.

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  1. Jan Kearney says:

    Congrats on your first infographic, Joy :)

    Your link to download your free ebook at the top doesn’t work, it’s missing a : after the http

    I was hoping it could tell me what zinc does :)
    Jan Kearney recently posted..9 Google Reader Alternatives to Manage Your RSS SubscriptionsMy Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Jan, Thanks for dropping by to view my infographic – and fix my problems again :-)

      Sorry about the broken link. I think I’ve fixed it in the code, but now the wretched nag-bar widget isn’t appearing at all here. This theme is giving me so much trouble…..

      Anyway, if the link isn’t showing at your end, it should be appearing as
      Next job, find where nag-bar has gone……

      If I had listed all the functions of zinc the whole graphic would have been taken up, but hopefully the free ebook will be helpful.

      Thanks for spotting the missing :!!

      Joy recently posted..My Top 7 Vital Nutritional Minerals for HealthMy Profile

  2. Bonnie Gean says:

    I take a daily vitamin, but I know I need more Omega 3s… How much magnesium should I gal take?

    Is it different according to whether you’re make or female or overweight?
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Do You Practice the Wow Factor?My Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Bonnie

      Without adequate supplies of minerals, vitamins may be pretty ineffective!

      Everyone’s need for magnesium is an individual matter. As well as being affected by sex and weight, it will vary depending on stress levels and the levels of other minerals that it is antagonistic to. (The book I recommend on the blog goes into this in more detail and is a fascinating read.)

      In college we used to refer to RDAs as “Ridiculous Dietary Arbitraries” precisely because it’s impossible to say specifically what the infinitely variable human body needs. Often RDAs are just enough to prevent the deficiency symptoms, nothing to do with the optimum health we all want.

      There are so many mineral interactions that as a practitioner I didn’t feel comfortable “guessing” how much of any mineral to supplement, so I recommend all my clients to have the computerized Hair Mineral Analysis test. It’s available world-wide and there’s an example of the report you would get by clicking the Sample Report in the left hand menu.

      Sorry I can’t give a straight forward answer, but it’s my honest opinion (based on the course I took)! Joy
      Joy recently posted..My Top 7 Vital Nutritional Minerals for HealthMy Profile

  3. Debra Moser says:

    Hi Joy, thank you for this valuable information. I actually am surprised that sodium made your list because salt is hidden in so many products. I actually look for sodium free or reduced sodium when I’m buying groceries. I also want to add how do I know I am getting enough phosphorous?
    Debra Moser recently posted..Do You Believe The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get?My Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Debra

      Thanks for your point about salt. With so little room on the infogram it’s hard to include what you want to really say! It’s not that I’m encouraging people to eat salt, rather pointing out that it has some essential functions. And of course, provoking questions!!

      As a slight aside, I also have a migraine blog (which I’m supposed to be forgetting about to focus on Hair Analysis – LOL) and the post that has raised the most comments there was provoked by an article, backed up by my own observation, that if I had a migraine, a salty snack will often abort it. You may like to look at the comment by Mauro towards the end:

      In my opinion (and the opinion of many others!) there are so many mineral interactions that it is just too complicated for any practitioner to hazard a guess as to whether you are getting enough of ANY mineral. Which is why I recommend all my clients to have the computerized Hair Mineral Analysis test. and you can see an example of the report you would get by clicking the Sample Report in he left hand menu.

      Thanks for raising an interesting point. Joy
      Joy recently posted..My Top 7 Vital Nutritional Minerals for HealthMy Profile

  4. Hi Joy, great info! I have a couple of things I am not sure about. A leading MD/ND/AC+++ here in North America gave a presentation on Magnesium. She says most individuals have a deficiency in magnesium. She went on to say most take too much calcium and don’t really need to supplement with the high amounts that are generally recommended. How do you feel about this? And I was actually advised to take a bit of sea salt in a litre of water especially when exercising and really active as our bodies require salt. Thanks, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Paleo Nutrition, Neurofeedback by Nora GedgaudasMy Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Wendy,

      My most recent post is about precisely that (excess calcium) and asking if the benefits of calcium are all they’re hyped up to be: I have more planned for this week!!

      The Hair Mineral Analysis test I recommend for my clients is an objective way of measuring whether someone has excess calcium / magnesium deficiency. That’s how most clients present!

      Regarding the salt, I recently caused a mini-storm by confessing that if I get the occasional migraine I can relieve it by a salty snack. So can several other people too. There was a particularly interesting comment in March 2013 by Mauro along the lines you mention.

      I’ll be writing more in a day or so. Thanks for popping by.
      Joy recently posted..Benefits of CalciumMy Profile

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