Mineral Toxicity and Hair Mineral Analysis

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Mineral Toxicity Helped by Hair Mineral Analysis

C.T. became mentally ill and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.  He was also alcoholic and consuming large quantities of drugs.

His Hair Mineral Aanalysis report revealed that there were four times the acceptable levels of lead in his hair and also elevated levels of cadmium, mercury and copper.

Following therapy and supplementation his condition improved dramatically. He lost his cravings for alcohol and his symptoms of mental illness reverted to normal, with no further need for psychoactive drugs.

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A fully qualified nutritionist since 2000, I prefer to use Hair Mineral Analysis to assess my clients' health needs because it is an objective, scientifically validated method that is tailored to each client's current bodily state.

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  1. You have talked about mineral therapy and C.T who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.The therapy and supplementation revived his health. Which kind of supplements did you give him. The reason why i’m asking this question is because I have a brother with the same conditions as C.T and i have tried administering different kinds of medication all that have bore no fruit.Kindly help.
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    • Joy says:

      Hello, thanks for your question.

      Without intending to be obtuse, the supplements used were those recommended by C.T.’s analysis. These would almost certainly NOT be the same program as those that would be recommended should your brother have an analysis, because different mineral imbalances could be causing his condition.

      The whole purpose of HMA is to get a personalized report, because the program that’s right for one person is unlikely to be the correct program for another person, even if they are suffering from the same condition.
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Joy HealeyHello, Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you know that much ill-health occurs as a result of mineral imbalances?  Mineral Therapy can help improve your health. To learn more about minerals for health in my free ebook click here.