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I wrote about the function of calcium, in my previous article which was entitled the Benefits of Calcium.

Part of the contents sparked off some questions, as I knew it would.  Because I was challenging the long-held belief that “the more calcium the better”.

I can completely understand that people are concerned about this.  We have been told to drink plenty of milk and eat cheese, to get enough calcium for the health of your bones from baby-hood, through school-days and right through to worrying about osteoporosis in our maturing years.

Then, along comes Joy Healey, with a controversial point of view about calcium and bone health. Why should you believe me?

I don’t expect anyone to change their views overnight.  I certainly didn’t.  But in the end I had read so much about it, backed up by my 3-year college course – and even by personal experiences after being brain-washed into taking calcium supplements – that I was convinced.

If you have time to do the research yourself, please do so.  Alternatively you may prefer to read my findings when I wrote about this on another site at the time that the UK newspapers were full of it in 2012.

To read my previous articles, click the links below.

I’ll admit that the articles are pretty “information dense”, so if you’re not keen on reading, watch the four-minute video below for a quick summary and another doctor’s point of view.

The video promotes a book called The Calcium Lie, and although you probably have no wish to buy the book you may like to read the reviews of people who have read it for more information and independent corroboration of what I’ve been reporting to you.

Learn more about : The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Could Kill You

As you’ll see when you go to Amazon, the book’s reviews range from the ecstatic to the derisive, but you can (and should) make your own mind up.

Incidentally, when I clicked over to Amazon there was a recommendation to read The Magnesium Miracle.  I suggest you check that out at the same time.

I hope the resources I’ve suggested here will help you see that there is plenty of solid research to challenge the old beliefs about calcium, and it’s not just some crack-pot idea.  Science and knowledge moves on.  I recall that when I was much younger, there was no understanding that cigarettes were harmful!

Remember, I am not saying that YOU have a calcium imbalance, I am just saying that most of my clients who have HMA tests DO show calcium/magnesium imbalances.  And for those people, calcium supplements are NOT a good idea.

If your doctor has recommended calcium supplementation DO NOT stop taking it without his say-so.  However, why not take a HMA report to show him/her?  Some doctors are open to looking at new research – as you saw from the video above.

To conclude my information on the function of calcium, it is my belief that the most affordable way to check whether you have a calcium (or other mineral) imbalance is to have a Hair Mineral Analysis test. Without having the test everything is just supposition.

If you would like to learn more about having the test, just download my free ebook.  Do it now, before you forget – and please feel free to use the social links right at the bottom, to share my free offer with anyone you know who may find it helpful.

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A fully qualified nutritionist since 2000, I prefer to use Hair Mineral Analysis to assess my clients' health needs because it is an objective, scientifically validated method that is tailored to each client's current bodily state.

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  1. Toni Nelson says:

    Absolutely fascinating! My mother always tells me I should be taking calcium. What I need to be more concerned about is my minerals. I’m going to look into getting the book.
    Toni Nelson recently posted..Perception – How we view ourselves vs how others view us.My Profile

  2. Debra Moser says:

    Excellent information and I appreciate you covering more on the subject. I will definitely buy the Magnesium Miracle.
    Debra Moser recently posted..Happy Administrative Professionals Week!My Profile

  3. Matt Morgan says:


    This is good info again on calcium. Infact I thought this post was the other calcium post, but this is a new one, with more info on it.

    Its nice that you have included a video in this topic, and are getting this information to your readers and website visitors.

    Positive thinking and good diet can keep you feeling and looking healthier, aswell as minerals

    It is good that you share your opinion on your thoughts no matter how controversial you think they are. It is a free country to think what ever you want, and even if you state something that you know others will not even consider, then you should still go for it and speak your view.

    Matt Morgan

    • Joy says:

      Hi Matt

      Thanks for coming back for the second part of my calcium info.

      It’s good that you’re open-minded enough to consider what I have to say. Many are not.

      But the information comes from impeccable sources.

      Joy recently posted..Function of CalciumMy Profile

  4. Ginny Carter says:

    How interesting. I was brought up with my Mum obsessed with calcium (and protein) – it was a generational thing! I have heard about having too much calcium so this is obviously something that will be more widely known in future.

    • Joy says:

      Hi Ginny, yes most of us were brought up that way – and still are! For some people calcium supplementation IS the right thing to do, but it can’t be taken as “read”.
      Thanks for dropping by, Joy
      Joy recently posted..Function of CalciumMy Profile

  5. Adrienne says:

    I agree Joy, I’ve been told myself about not taking enough calcium. Now my doctor hasn’t recommended that I take a supplement but I’ve been told how much I should be taking everyday and I wasn’t get that just through my multi-vitamin.

    I don’t doubt that what he’s saying is true. I’m so sick of people preaching one thing to us and how bad it is and then years later we’re told, oops! Now we’re learning that’s bad too! Well hell, do your darn research right the first time around and stop telling us one thing and then telling us later it’s bad too. They’re the doctor’s and they’re suppose to know this stuff darn it.

    Thanks for sharing this Joy and I bet that’s an interesting book. Not that I’ll read it but maybe my Mom should.

    Adrienne recently posted..Blogging: We Are In It To Win ItMy Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      Yes – first they say take lots of calcium – then we’re taking too much! And the thing is, this “too much calcium” business has actually been known for quite some time. We learned about it in college twelve years ago, but no-one would believe me because the doctors said differently.

      That’s why, as a nutritionist, I always recommend my clients get the Hair Mineral Analysis test first so we can see what their levels actually are.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Joy recently posted..Function of CalciumMy Profile

  6. Karen Hoyt says:

    I stumbled across your link on Angela McCall’s site. I have recently completed a health treatment and have been confused about what minerals to take. I have been very strict about my transplant doctor’s guidelines for vitamins and supplements and am now off of the transplant list!
    I do have special health concerns and am now “joyfully” reading on your site!
    Thank you!
    Karen Hoyt
    Karen Hoyt recently posted..Can I Walk or Run with Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis?My Profile

    • Joy says:

      Hi Karen

      I’m pleased to welcome you to my site, and pleased to know you found me via Angela. She’s a very good friend.

      Well done on completing your treatment. It’s well worth being strict when serious health conditions are involved and I hope the information on my site will prove helpful and interesting.

      Best wishes

      Joy recently posted..Mental Health and Complementary TherapyMy Profile

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