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Periodic Table of Elements - MercuryI came across very interesting article about detecting mercury levels and sources of mercury in the paper, by Kali Simmonds, ND, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

As well as listing some of the sources of mercury (including amalgam fillings and excess tuna consumption) it confirms my own belief that hair mineral analysis is a better way to detect mercury than blood and urine analysis.

However, very wisely the article cautions against the hasty removal of amalgam fillings in the teeth without very careful planning.The procedure should only be carried out under the supervision of a dentist specialising in safe extraction of mercury fillings, otherwise you run the risk of worsening your exposure by freeing up mercury that was otherwise stable (even if it were best not to have been there in the first place!)

While it is wise to avoid further exposure to mercury, and to avoid releasing it – for instance by regular gum-chewing – before taking any action to remove it, you would be well advised to have a hair mineral analysis done, to assess levels of toxicity.

It may be that the levels can be controlled with supplements, or extraction could be advisable. However, without proper assessment, you are merely guessing.

The hair mineral analysis test I use for my clients is available worldwide; results can be delivered by email. You can learn more about mercury and hair mineral analysis in my free ebook ,  on my Hair Analysis website, or contact me with specific questions.

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A fully qualified nutritionist since 2000, I prefer to use Hair Mineral Analysis to assess my clients' health needs because it is an objective, scientifically validated method that is tailored to each client's current bodily state.

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